"Dr. Krahl is awesome. Her office came highly recommended from a good friend at work. I could not be happier. Been seeing her for a little over two months now just for periodic adjustments and I couldn’t be happier. Andrea is awesome as well manning the front desk. Very friendly and super nice every time I come in. Awesome place. Could not recommend them anymore."   ~ John N.   10/28/21

"Dr. Krahl is amazing! She was very thorough during the consultation. She listened to my story and dove deep in understanding how she could help me. She has gentle and strong hands that got rid of the kinks. I recommend Champion Chiropractic and will be in good hands ... literally!"   ~ Nicole A.  9/1/21

"Dr. Krahl is not only a warm friendly person but also a very thorough chiropractor. Her new masseuse Amber is equally amazing.  I highly recommend this practice!"  ~ Erica M.   8/26/21

"These folks are awesome and very helpful. From getting worked on to the products they sell, top notch all the way!"  ~ Mark S.   8/26/21

"dr. Krahl got me mobile and (somewhat) sane again 4 months ahead of schedule..
I was visited upon by the enigmatic yet bluntly painful plantar faciitis for the 2nd time in 10 years back in march... I stumbled to dr. Krahl's office, distraught and barely walking after over-training and under-stretching for a double marathon and in excruciating pain in my right heal.
she immediately got to work structuring a roadmap to recovery that included a regimen of realignment, stretching, ultrasound and massage therapy as well as foot load displacement analysis and remediation. I went through frustration and pain and heard many accounts of how this would be a 7+ month ordeal and I believed it because that's how it happened before.
this crushed me.
dr. Krahl just kept at it with me. we integrated some massage therapy when I realized my calf muscles and Achilles were starting to respond... my empirically developed inner souls and new perspective on the shoes I need has made a positive impact on both my feet and load displacement.
it is now late May and I am walking tall again and almost ready to resume training with the tools and approach dr. Krahl's remediation and tools have emboldened me with.
I am truly grateful for the calm, firm, empirically-based progressive approach we took thanks to a thoroughly professional practice. and the 4-months ahead of schedule pain-free mobility i was given as a result.
I now tell all those in pain with plantar faciitis that I've found someone who fixed it for me. thank you Dr. Krahl and thank you Andrea."   ~  Cuan W.   5/24/21

"My L5 had been giving me a lot of problems and pressuring the sciatic nerve down my left leg and into my foot. I saw Dr Krahl as a new patient and she provided stretching on the table and an adjustment. I was in severe pain and even after I left but knew she had put it back in place. The next morning I got up and after several hours felt much better. I have been walking since and getting back to normal. Thank you for all your help and I’ll be back!"   ~
Shawn K.   4/5/21

"you are the best. You listen. You respect my wishes. And I can't even describe how you make this old lady feel so much more vibrant, and pain free. Love you all. Will never quit my favorite therapy."  ~ Georgia E.   12/19/20

"Champion Chiropractic is wonderful.  Dr. Krahl keeps my electrician husband in tip top shape to keep working!  We are very lucky to have her in our neighborhood." Jennifer J.   7/7/20

"Dr. Krahl has been a dear friend of mine for several years and never once imposed her services, which spoke volumes. In addition, I haven’t necessarily ever had “back issues” before. But we were meeting for lunch today, so I decided to give it a try. A-mazing is all I have to say! Had an immediate sense of release and am still feeling quite rejuvenated. I highly recommend Dr. Colleen Krahl to anyone who has an interest in feeling their absolute best and wants to be treated by the most knowledgeable and genuine Chiropractor in town. She is the full package, mind, body, and soul."  ~  Amanda R.  12/26/19

"I called Dr. Colleen on a day I had off from work. She fit me in that day! She did exactly what I asked and personalized my session to what I needed that day! The next day I was pain free! Thank you Dr. Colleen!"  ~  Lynn C. 8/17/19

"On Saturday 8/11 I sat on the bed, reached for a cup of water and popped my back out. I could hardly stand.  Dr. Krahl got me in to see her that morning and adjusted me.  She recommended regular icing, stretching and rest.  I surrendered to her recommendations.  I saw her again on Tuesday feeling better but still in some pain. After her work that day, I was sore but mobile. Every day I have seen much improvement.  Today (8/23) I was able to hike my regular 3 mile hill without ANY soreness or pain at all.  I am so grateful for Champion Chiropractic!! Together, WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!"  ~ Steve W.  8/23/18

"Dr. Krahl is wonderful. She takes the time to listen and does an amazing job taking care of the problem areas. I am so glad I found her! Ana does an outstanding job with her massages. Between the two of them I feel like a new person."  ~ Linda A.  6/13/18

"Dr. Krahl is amazing! Highly recommend! She takes her time to help understand and locate problem areas and address them appropriately. I always feel fantastic leaving her office. She is also super sweet and very accommodating anytime I need an appointment. She responds to e-mail and web inquiries very timely."  ~ Julee J.  4/8/18

"Dr. Krahl at Easy Street Clinic is fabulous. Not only has she proven to be the perfect chiropractor for my needs, she is amazingly accessible. All I have to do is email her if I'm having a problem, and even after hours she responds quickly. I feel very fortunate to have found Easy Street Clinic." ~ Roberta P. 1/18/18

"Great Chiropractor! I can’t speak highly enough of the treatment Dr. Krahl provides and the friendly environment of her clinic. She spends as much time as needed with you to determine the treatment for that specific visit, and for your long term plan. Every single time I’ve been in for an adjustment I walked out of the clinic feeling significantly better than when I walked in. In fact, on one particular routine visit, she relieved discomfort that I didn’t even realize that chiropractic care would help."  ~ Brad S.  12/7/17 

"Dr. Krahl is my go to place to be adjusted so that I walk better, have fewer headaches, and to keep me from getting sick. If you haven't tried chiropractic care, do so, you will be amazed at the results. Dr. Krahl represents her profession well with her gentleness and desire to work with each patient's health concerns. I highly recommend her as your doctor." ~ Cathy R.  11/4/17

"I began seeing Dr. Krahl in 2009 with chronic debilitating neck pain and headaches, she adjusted me weekly for a yr atleast until i had an MRI show what the problem was but those Dr. Didn't tell me what the report said just made light of it and said that wouldn't be causing my pain. I felt defeated but Dr. Krahl asked to see my report and MRI.... she said DuAnn it says you have chiari 1 malformation and it's serious, let me send you some links to read about the symptoms and see if it matches. Sure enough that's what i found out i did have and needed brain surgery in a month. I've always cherished Dr. Krahl for helping me see the truth and learned by her to always check out my own MRI reports 😉 this surgery probably saved my life and kept me more active in life." ~ DuAnn B.  9/1/17

"A+++ Being new to the area the search was on for another doctor. After checking everyone else out I felt the most comfortable with Dr Krahl. She is very kind and has a beautiful spirit, with tremendous skill and talent as a chiropractor. Taking time during each visit she listens to my specific needs and adjust accordingly. The clinic is very modern and clean. The adjustments last and I feel consistently good. I am excited to try the other professionals in the office for massage and acupuncture. Thanks again, Andy B. " ~ 7/25/16

"Thank you Dr. Krahl for helping my baby get ready for her big day by adjusting my body at 32 weeks pregnant. Plus I slept great last night!! Looking forward to our other sessions" ~ Toni B. 4/9/2016

"Dr. Krahl is not afraid to get after problem areas. She is so thorough - I leave her office and feel the ease in my joints. She is fairly priced and offers a reduced price for my kids which is a huge benefit, especially because I know they receive high quality chiro-care. In short, I highly recommend Dr. Krahl." ~ Jeri S. 8/13/15

"My experience with Dr. Krahl has been wonderful! I came in with a very bad neck issue which was causing major problems in my daily life. It might sound crazy but after one treatment I was back to sleeping flat on my back and able to drive again without pain! I believe that Dr. Krahl's knowledge and understanding made a great plan on how to treat the issue and get immediate results! She is very professional but yet welcoming at the same time. She pulled out one of her text books to answer the question I had for her during my visit. I have seen Dr. Krahl several times to make sure my neck stays in place and continue to be pain free! I strongly recommend Dr. Krahl for your chiropractic needs." ~ John W. 1/23/15

"Dr. Krahl is the consummate professional. I have seen many Chiropractors over the years and I find her approach to get to the root cause of a patient's problem to be very genuine. She will not try to sell you services you don't need. I highly recommend her to anyone that is having health issues or just doing preventative maintenance." ~ Scott H. 1/22/15

"Dr. Colleen is very good at her practice. She is very thorough and provides a higher than expectation service for her clients." ~ Earnie F. 10/3/14

"I love Dr. Krahl - I had a pinch in my hip, with every step I took it hurt; went to my regular doctor, they were going to give me a cortisone shot in my hip, but I asked for PT before we did this - the PT did not work. I have been going to Dr. Krahl weekly for about a month - the pinch is gone. She also recommended foot inserts to level my feet and hips - did this and am loving being pain free!!" ~ Rita C. 6/27/14

"Dr. Krahl, 'Thank you' for taking care of my neck and upper back this past Feb and March. The aging process kinda sucks! JoAnn and I both wish you much success in your chiropractic and wellness services. See you in the fall!" ~ Bill M. 5/13/14

"Colleen Krahl and Lainey Chenal are quite a team. I benefited tremendously from their focused, goal-oriented approach to my pain issues. My treatments took only a few weeks. And all in a relaxed, friendly, caring environment. I recommend them without hesitation." ~ Peter S. 3/11/14

"Thanks to chiropractic, I am now pain free after having a headache for 40 years. And, thanks to massage therapy, I am getting back my range of motion in my shoulders. Thanks Easy Street Clinic!" ~ Joan P. 10/24/13

"Dr. Colleen Krahl has helped me so much in the past two years including through my pregnancy. My migraines decreased significantly and I feel better, less stress overall. She is a wonderful person and such an asset" ~ Anna C. 6/7/13

"Dr Krahl is an amazing chiropractor. I suffered with shoulder pain for so long and after just a few adjustments I finally got relief. Thank you Dr Krahl!!" ~ Michele T. 10/11/13

"I was having a lot of back problems playing squash. After a few visits with Dr. Krahl, she was able to get me back on top of my game. 10/10 would recommend. Thank you so much!" ~ Joe I. 6/12/13

"Everyone knows Chiropractors make adjustments that help their patients' backs feel better. But I have been going to Dr. Krahl and learning how the spine can alleviate other body pain as well. I was complaining about what I thought was tendinitis in my elbows, commonly referred to as "tennis elbow" and within two visits she had it 100% pain free." ~ Mike C. 10/9/13

See more at www.linkedin.com/pub/dr-colleen-krahl-dc-bs/41/7b/a8
nd https://www.facebook.com/pg/EasyStreetClinic/reviews/

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