Therapeutic Exercises

From injury recovery to maintaining wellness, Dr. Colleen Krahl and the team at Champion Chiropractic in Cave Creek, AZ, offer therapeutic exercises and other effective techniques for your needs.

Therapeutic Exercise in Chiropractic Care

People visit chiropractors for a wide range of symptoms and conditions, including everything from headaches and back pain to lack of mobility and foot pain. These issues can be caused by anything from an auto accident to practicing poor posture for prolonged periods.

One common factor among them all, however, is that there’s no one technique that can provide comprehensive and lasting relief on its own. Instead, it takes a combination of techniques to address the hard and soft tissues. In the midst of this combination is therapeutic exercises. Dr. Krahl and the team at Champion Chiropractic in Cave Creek, AZ, explain therapeutic exercises and their role in healing.

What Are Therapeutic Exercises?

Therapeutic exercise is a bit different from regular exercise. While you might notice some familiar moves, therapeutic exercises are movements that target and correct an impairment in the musculoskeletal system.

Regular exercise programs, on the other hand, focus on toning specific muscle groups. In short, while regular exercise helps you achieve fitness goals, therapeutic exercise focuses on helping you heal, recover, and prevent future injuries and pain.

Every therapeutic exercise program is built around the patient’s needs and abilities. However, they typically include some movements for stretching and strengthening, as well as restoring balance and range of motion.

Why Are They Combined With Chiropractic Care?

The musculoskeletal system is complex, consisting of many different bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and more. When any type of pain or injury occurs, there are usually several components involved.

For example, lower back pain might be originally due to a misalignment. However, that misalignment might have also led to a herniated disc, compressed nerves, and muscle tension.

Correcting the misalignment through adjustments is a crucial first step, but if you stop there, you’re likely still going to live in pain due to compression and tension. And if the tension remains, it can pull on the spine, causing the misalignment to reoccur.

By adding therapeutic exercises to other treatment techniques, you are addressing the misalignment and any other issues it has caused. This means that you achieve a faster and more comprehensive recovery. Additionally, as you are correcting any weaknesses, imbalances, and more, you reduce the likelihood of having the same issue occur in the future.

Learn more about therapeutic exercises and how they can benefit you by visiting Dr. Krahl at Champion Chiropractic in Cave Creek, AZ. You can schedule an appointment today by calling (480) 595-0001.

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